Jan 22, 2010
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well i dont know if any one else has thought of this but here i about limeted edition STARWARS... themed DROID no no check it out could have a FORCE & SITH edition like when u slide it open it would make the LIGHTSABER activating sound....the key board could have RED LIGHT for the SITH or BLUE ..THE CRAZY PURPLE for the could make cool LIGHTSABER ATTACK SOUNDS when texting have some STARWARS themed music ring tones and or STARWARS WALL PAPER..and they could sup up the inside maby more ram..more memory that extra JEDI SOMETHING LOL ...IT COULD BE KINDA COOL..JUST SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT
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You don't have the lighsaber app yet? It's awesome. I have also used many of the sounds from one of the Star Wars sound boards for notifications and ringtones...
That would be wonderful! I have the lightsaber app and sound board, (the imperial march is the ringtone for my office). But having the sound effects set for opening the keyboard would be fun! I'd want to be able to have Yoda give the directions on the navigator....."turn right you will"
FROODYCHICK....that would be ur destination u have hahahahahaa