LG G5's New Comercial Shows Off Swappable Battery


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Oct 6, 2011
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LG's first TV ad shows a guy inserting the swappable battery into his LG G5. In the video it appears that the LG G5 battery is "hot swappable". The phone apparently boots up and the whatever video was being watched is instantly watchable again. The truth is that you would have to wait for the device to boot back up and would more than likely have to relaunch whatever you were viewing when you removed the batter.

How cool would it be though if the phone was able to reopen everything you had open prior to removing the battery once the new battery is inserted?
How cool would it be if you have 1 minute to swap before your phone shuts off?
BUT... Horrible commercial. Just horrible. How many non enthusiasts are going to have a clue what that dude just did?
I was thinking the same thing. If you had a 1 minute reserve supply in order to swap batteries. That would be a game changer!