Lexlite Gingeraid 3.6

Short ROM Review:


Interface is B-E-A-U-teeful

Transitions are awesome

My download and upload speeds are significantly better. I used to get around 1000kbps now I'm hitting 2500kbps. I'm not sure why this is because when I first had my DX it got up that high. Then installing ROM after ROM after ROM I was hitting 1000kbps or less. Now with the Gingerbread leak and this ROM I get my original speed back. Anyone know why this is?


RAM/Memory resources are a little more

The mediaserver process is constantly at a high percentage of CPU use. Causing battery drainage.
Great Rom. I have Juice theme and very smooth and No Issues at all. Great Job.
I'm also using Launcherpo Plus with this ROM and I'm having an issue with the calendar widget. It's not allowing me to add an event. The screen pops to add the event but then quickly closes out again which makes the widget useless.

I have the same issue, albeit without using LPP. Wiped Data/Cache, etc and nothing fixed it.
Love it so far. Running with Go launchers EX and it runs smooth.

One problem....
I have my phone on vibrate most of the time. Only time it vibrates though is when I get a phone call or a text. Not email. Well everytime I get a new gmail, it vibrates the most aweful vibrate sequence. I get gmail's all day long from a chain email me and my buddies do everyday. I just don't want to be notified when I get them (vibrate or sound). I do want a notification in the toolbar, just not a sound or vibrate.

I have changed the gmail notifications to never vibrate and it still is vibrating. Anyone have any ideas?

I have not turned notifications off in gmail (nothing, not even in the toolbar) and I still get a vibrate when I have a new email in Gmail. Aggravating
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My stock Gingy was running like crap so just flashed it right over with no wipe and it is running like a dream. Just waiting for Liberty GB or GummyGB to show.