Lenovo Pocket Projector

I really like the thought behind the hinge design as it is very functional, but CNET did an article on it when they looked at a pre-production version and they noticed that the hinge was loose and the rest of the body felt cheap. Article link here ( Lenovo Pocket Projector Release Date, News, Price and Specs - CNET ). They also state that the price is $249.

Aside from that it seems that most would consider a resolution of 720P for an LED pico projector to be at the bottom end of the scope so I am wondering why Lenovo would go any less especially when just entering the market. Here's a video comparing 3M's Streaming Projector with a resolution of 854x480 to AAXA's P2 Jr. with a resolution of 1280x720. The difference is clear.

"Display up to 110-inches at resolution of 854x480 (480p) via the 50-lumen" . It is an affordable projector just like Aodin T89.
This is an expensive option, I think, not everyone can afford such a pleasure. You can find something simpler, but with a good characteristic. I also love everything that is quality and proven things. So I replaced the monitor with this projector

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