Leaving Verizon I think... Where to go?

4G has nothing to do with coverage. Change your provider. The EVO is pretty awesome.
Would be nice if they spent more money actually upgrading their infrastructure rather than stupid billion dollar pissing contests with AT&T. And vice versa.

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Strange, I guess there really are places where Verizon has bad service. As far a I know Verizon is the best. The only time I had problems with Verizion was in NW Kansas and I lived in a valley, nobody else got service there either, Verizon at least had some. Get out fo the valley and 4 bars 3g all the way.

With that said, your there and if there arent towers in the area then there arent towers. You best bet would be probally ask around and see what other are using. Sprint and ATT both have decent phones. I wouldnt mess with T mobile. I cant believe that Verion doesnt have towers there. Strange.
Look at the coverage maps, Stephen, for Verizon and (I hate to say it) ATT. An awful lot of western MD and WV is and "extended area" for VZW, and you are using another carrier. It's an insult that VZW treats those areas like an unwanted stepchild. Att has much better, native coverage. Your voice calls may sound like crap at times, but at least most of the calls should go through.
Of Sprint and ATT, what are the best phones for me to consider?