Latest Update problems?


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Jul 10, 2010
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Within the past week, my phone automatically updated to the latest version, which I'm guessing is Version 2.2. But ever since then, my phone has been acting up.

Most notably is the app. Whenever I wanted to move the weather map, it would do other things, such as zoom in, zoom out, or select another city. Sometimes it would even click that link on the bottom of the map when I was at the top of the screen. Or if it did move, it would move like way too much, from like Mid-East Cost of the US to Ontario, Canada. If I wanted to zoom in, it wouldn't acknowledge the zoom button and just go to the city that I pointed to.

Also, whenever I used YouTube, the Activity Youtube function would freeze up and stop responding.

Are these common bugs with this update, or is there something wrong with my phone?