Phones doing things on its own


Oct 2, 2011
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My phone (Razr) has been doing things on its own. For example, I will type N and instead of typing N, it acts as if I have swipe up or down. Or when I'm playing angry birds, it will throw the bird by itself or zoom in/ out by itself. JUST NOW I WAS TYPING "ZOOM" IN THE LAST SENTENCE AND THE CURSER MOVED BY ITSELF DOWN TO THE SIGNATURE ON THIS MESSAGE. (Look at the "Sent from my DROID RAZR using Droid Forums" signature below. I left it there so u can see what I mean)

I thought maybe it was the phone or an application but I have received a replacement phone and only installed what I consider necessary apps and its still doing it. The update didn't fix it either. Plus, my moms phone is doing things like that too. Mostly, angry birds opens up all by itself when she isn't even touching the phone. She and I both use Go Launcher but I have uninstalled it to see if that were the problem and its not. I've changed keyboards, uninstalled apps I think MAY (it just moved itself again to the bottom) be able to cause this issue and haven't figured it out yet.

What is happening??? I hear that its impossible for someone to have infiltrated the security on droids but if this were happening on my computer, I would certainly think I have a virus. Anyone have ideas???

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