Laser Etched Art For Your Mobile Phone

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Oct 29, 2009
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For those of you looking to take your Android customization to the next level, you may want to check out Gruver Concepts. They use the latest technology to laser etch custom designs into your phone making it one of a kind. The designs are fantastic looking to boot. Unfortunately, it is limited to only a few models at this time. Models supported as of today:
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus (GSM/CDMA)
  • Samsung Galaxy SII (AT&T/T-Mobile)
  • Samsung Galaxy SII SkyRocket (AT&T)
  • Epic Touch 4G (Sprint)
We have contacted them about supporting other models, and they said, "We have plans to support the Samsung Galaxy Note, Motorola Atrix 2, LG Nitro HD. New designs coming too." If you get your handset laser etched we'd love to hear from you.

Source: Grüver Concepts
so you have to send the phone to Washington state? no thanks. I'll get my kids to draw on a sticker and slap it back there.
That isn't a requirement with the Galaxy Nexus. They sell a replacement battery cover that is etched with the stock or the owner's design. I couldn't see what HTC products they offered. Their products page seemed intent on sticking with Samsung, no matter how many times I tried to change that. Guess they have a bit of web work to do. Cool looking product, though and not unreasonably priced.
This is one of my buddies company - they are getting new stock in of various battery covers in a couple of days. They will have stock on all major android phones including HTC, LG, and others and not just Samnsung. If I remember correctly the Samsung phones are the first to be released with about 5 different designs.

The cool thing that I liked is that they are only using OEM materials for the battery covers to ensure a perfect fit. They are cool guys just launching their business.
so you have to send the phone to Washington state? no thanks. I'll get my kids to draw on a sticker and slap it back there.
No, we have the CDMA/LTE standard GNex battery door with that design already etched and ready for sale. No sending required although we're contemplating having a buyback of your old door for a couple bucks off. That's just something we've been thinking about.
Just wanted to say thanks for the writeup and I'm here to answer any questions anyone has. Hope that's cool with the Mods here.
I'm also looking for feedback and what you guys are looking for phone wise and design wise. I know we're all die hard android fans so that's why I started with the multi droids. But working on a bunch more designs. Any feedback would be cool. More designs to come and thank you Droid Forums for your support!