KingRoot Releases English Version Of Their Root All App


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Oct 6, 2011
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The KingRoot app is looking less creepy and shady now that an English version has been released! We can at least see what the app is attempting to do to our devices, or at least we can see what they are saying they are trying to do. KingRoot should be able to root most devices especially mid tier and low tier devices, and even some flagships.

KingRoot has actually been around for several years and has rooted hundreds of devices with its proprietary exploits. What makes this app shady is that it comes from China for one, and they have not and will not release source code for fear Google will patch their exploit. Some developers have told me that the app doesn't seem to be malicious, but should still be used with caution considering the fact that the app could possibly be sending personal information across seas.

Correct me if I am wrong.. I thought XDA requires source be available when an exploit is posted