keyboard freezing wile typing


Aug 15, 2010
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does anyone have any problems with there keyboard freezing up wile texting? i did a reset its good for a few days then it acts up again other than that i have no issues
Some times I notice that when I type the keyboard is popping the keys but no text is coming up. Not too often does this happen. I hit the back button and then back on the text box and it starts working. My Eris did this a ton and it took minutes to work..
Go to settings/application /manage applications /all tab and you can reset the keyboard. You might lose saved words in the dictionary.
i think my problem was the yahoo messenger since the new 2.3.340 update yahoo messenger has been having problems i was reading the reviews about the x's freeezing up
happens to me all the time with swifkey or swype.

driving me nuts

This happened to me randomly yesterday (first time). My Swype "trail" just stayed on the keyboard and it took about 20 seconds for the word to finally pop up and the trail to go away.
I get that every once and a while, using swype, it only seems to happen when i use the search key and then type something.
I've noticed a serious lag on my X today. I have Yahoo! Messenger and noticed the serious lag between what I swyped and when the letters appeared in the screen. I've also noticed that instead of the "i" I would get the "&" even though I never changed the keyboard.

I also noticed the lag with Tweetcaster Pro. When trying to scroll through the program, it wouldn't respond.

I've turned off and turned on the phone and I've done a battery pull, all to no avail.

It was working fine yesterday.

Any clues? Any answers?


- StormyHeather dancedroid
It definitely appears to be Yahoo! Instant Messenger. I deleted it from my phone and have not had a problem since. dancedroid
Runrick: Hi, my name is Runrick. How may I help you?
joe: droid x keyboard freezing up after system update
Runrick: Hi, Joe!
Runrick: I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. I’ll do my best to assist you on this.
Runrick: Let's try to clear cache partition in your device.
joe: how
Runrick: 1.Turn off phone
2.Press and hold Power key + Home hard key to power on the phone and bring up a triangle with an exclamation point inside next to a green Android graphic.
3.Press both Volume buttons down together to show the Android recovery menu.
4.Use volume buttons to scroll up or down in this menu. Highlight "wipe cache partition"
5.Tap Power button hard key to confirm the selection.
6.Handset will ask you to "Confirm wipe of all user data"
7.Select "Yes -- delete all user data"
8.Tap Power button hard key to confirm the selection and start wipeout of phone, handset will begin to format handset showing progress with multiple lines of ellipses (....)
9.Handset may take from 5-20 minutes to format.
10.When format is complete, Tap Power button when prompted to reboot (Reboot system now will be highlighted)

Runrick: This will not delete any data form your device.
Runrick: Are the steps responding?
joe: yes rebooting now
Runrick: Great.
joe: seems better slow response on select
Runrick: I would suggest resetting the phone to default settings if it continues to freeze so that the phone can adapt to its new software.
joe: ok
Runrick: Anything else I can check for you today, Joe?
joe: how to set to default

Runrick: To Perform a Factory Data Reset through settings menu:
Open the Applications Tray. (arrow pointing up located in the middle at the bottom of the display screen)

Touch Settings

Touch Privacy

Touch Factory data reset

Touch Reset Phone

Touch Erase Everything
Runrick: Please know that in doing reset, your downloaded applications will be deleted. E-mails, contacts and text messages as well.
joe: will I loose contacts etc
Runrick: Yes, Joe.
joe: ok think I will wait and see how this first step goes then try default if not fixed
joe: all done thanks
Runrick: You're welcome!
Runrick: I hope you found our chat to be helpful. I would request that take a moment to fill out a short survey to tell us how we did after you click 'Disconnect', please remember to click on the 'Close' button within the chat window. The survey should only take about 1 minute to complete. Your responses will help us get better at serving your needs. If you need any more information get in touch. Thanks from Motorola, bye!
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