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Jun 21, 2010
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Mullins SC
I have a Droid x. I prefer a t9 keyboard. I have been using black bolts keyboard since I purchased the phone in July. Lately it has been laggy so I downloaded smart keyboard last week and I like it. I also downloaded better keyboard to see if I would like it. Can someone please help me with a few things on the better keyboard app? I am using keyboard 8. I don't see a number 1 on the t9 screen unless you tap the numbers key in the bottom left to go to the numbers screen. Also when I am typing a text usually I can type the persons name. On this keyboard I have to type the person's phone number. I have also noticed that some of the words that I type that are commonly used do not go into the text unless I tap the word. For example when I type "so" it puts in "pm" and when I type "to" it puts in "um". Is there a way of changing any settings to help with my issues. The smart keyboard app seems to use more common words than better keyboard. THANKS FOR ANY HELP GIVEN.