[KERNEL][TouchWiz][6.05.11] OTB-Reloaded Kernel


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Feb 3, 2010
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Be sure to thank nemesis2all for his hard work..........

Orig link: [KERNEL][TouchWiz][6.05.11] OTB-Reloaded Kernel - xda-developers

[KERNEL][TouchWiz][6.05.11] OTB-Reloaded Kernel
Here is OTB-Reloaded for TouchWiz. This Kernel is overclockable and supports user adjustable under voltage control. You can choose what you want to do with this, if you want to use super undervolted settings for battery life you can. If you want to have a huge overclock you can. It is all depending on what your phone can handle and what you want to do. This kernel is based off of the facinate ed01 froyo source drop. It includes voodoo lagfix, voodoo color, bln, and many more tweaks.

OTB-Reloaded version 1.6
Built from ground up with new fascinate source
Overclock up to 1500 MHz
UV control via sysfs using Voltage Control app
Voodoo lagfix, color, and sound - thanks to supercurio and project-voodoo
CWM3 with options to wipe voltage settings and enable/disable 100 MHz step
BLN - thanks to neldar
BFQ v2 scheduler
Simple io scheduler
autogroup_sched patch v4
Kernel hz at 300, User hz at 150
TinyRCU - thanks to paulmck
Initramfs from JT1134 with busybox, and init.d support added
Kernel installs Superuser.apk and su
Modules tun and cifs included
rdnis support added
Backported ext4 patches - thanks to imnuts
Updated reserved memory settings and jhash3 table from speedmod kernel
Battery Hack - thanks to sirgatez
Ext4 formatter by navenedrob implemented into lagfix by imnuts
GizmoDroid fixes for data wipes
Uses edify scripting
Other misc tweaks

Mini How-To
Do not use setcpu. Use voltage control from market. Test settings for at least a day before applying at boot. When testing just apply for now. It is best to not use more than 7 steps at a time. Users are encouraged to share their settings. If you would like a way to keep track of how much time cpu spends in state I recommend cpu spy from the market. The oc and uv are based off of the onix kernel for the i9000. You may be able to find helpful information there as well.

jt1134 of course...he is the man
supercurio for all of the wonderful work on project-voodoo
adrynalyne for his roms and odin packages
enderst for allowing me to build on his machine....that is awesome and so l33t to ssh to build on a remote machine
neldar, taninm, rodderick, koush, thomasskull666, raspdeep, imnuts, khasmek, sirgatez, existz, nullghost, ssewk2x, and GizmoDroid
Dank for the mirrors
All of the testers
Great people in IRC and anyone I might have missed.

*** If I missed giving you credit feel free to pm me and I will rectify as soon as possible. ***

Use this kernel at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damages to your phone. Be especially careful when overclocking and using voltages above 1375mV.

OTB-Reloaded TouchWiz ver 1.2 - latest version includes voodoo sound v8, cwm3 installed with update zip, default scheduler changed to deadline, fixes from ssewk2x

OTB-Reloaded TouchWiz ver 1.3 - Changes include added security, cwm3 updated with option to delete voltage control settings, change back to sio as default i/o scheduler, voltage changes for 1500 and 1600 mhz. Drop dvsint volts back to stock level. For complete information check my git.

OTB-Reloaded TouchWiz ver 1.6 - This will probably be final froyo tw kernel released by me unless there is a big problem that needs to be fixed with this kernel. Known issue if you try to wipe data in recovery it will hang on trying to format .android_secure requiring battery pull. Wipe completes, but issue is a problem for you odin different recovery.

*** Mirrors ***
http://adbdev.com/danknub/SF_TW_OTB_...-1.0b_0412.zip old version
http://adbdev.com/danknub/SF_TW_OTB-OC_1.1b_0414.zip old version
http://adbdev.com/danknub/SF_OTB_TW_..._v1.0_0420.zip old version
http://adbdev.com/danknub/SF_OTB-Rel...-v1.1_0420.zip old version

Q: OMG I lost Root

A: Flash OTB-Reloaded ver 1.1 or greater and your root su issues will be taken care of.
Q: OMG how do I clear my voltage settings

A: As of version 1.3 I added an option to recovery to wipe voltage control settings in case you have some settings installed that are not working properly for your phone. Look under advanced menu in recovery.
Q: OMG My battery is draining very fast

A: Your battery may need a few cycles to recalibrate for voltage changes.
Q: OMG I am having this (insert random issue here)

A: First thing I recommend is wipe cahce and dalvik three times each, wipe voltage settings in recovery, and reflash kernel. Second thing is try another scheduler, recheck your voltage and oc settings. If you have done all of that provide logs or a way to repeat issue so I can see if I can find a fix.
Q: OMG what voltage settings do I use

A: For me a pretty fail safe setting is -50 mv for steps from 100-1000mhz. You will get best results testing settings yourself for stability and battery life.
Q: Can you please explain to me the differences of the i/o schedulers?

A: Posted by beray5

NOOP - First in first out, pipeline burst, the simplest old reliable scheduler.

Deadline - Minimum latency based. Optimal for known, predetermined, constant latency I/O accesses randomized or not.

SIO - Dealine + NOOP based. (Deadline-)

Anticipatory - First generation primitive predictive I/O scheduler.

CFQ - Second generation stochastic based scheduler, the equivalent of windows XP interupt driven I/O scheduler.

BFQ - Third generation scheduler, the equivalent of windows 7 interupt driven I/O scheduler.

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