Kaosinate BUG list


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Feb 3, 2010
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Original write up by BartJJ over at XDA forums....good info to have at this early stage of development...

Original link: Kaosinate BUG list - xda-developers

Kaosinate BUG list
I decided to make a thread for kaos that gives a more complete set of incomplete/broken things so he doesn't half to. I will try to keep this up to date as possible and if you see something that has been fixed that i have listed as broken please post and I will correct it. I will try to do as many detailed things as possible for now and as things are fixed I will remove them and if a fix is required to be applied manually will try to include it also. Keep in mind this is an unofficial thread and I am not responsible for anything you do to your phone. Now to the list
(PS if this is an inappropriate posting area feel free to move it)

Data: FIXED entirely
update to v4 for this

Wifi: no known fix yet.

Bluetooth: no known fix yet.

Browser: Force closes on loading google due to location services not working right now. Will happen on all sites that ask for location is my understanding. No known fix other than stop the page from loading (cant fix by disabling in settings) Could also change homepage to one that doesn't request the location.

USB notification: no usb mount notification not sure if USB mass storage will work or not but adb still works so a work around is using the commands adb push and adb pull (google on how to use these commands if you dont know already)

Vibrate notifications: vibrate works on the stock messaging app fine but I can't get it working on go sms. Workaround would be just use the stock notifications.

Quadrant: quadrant doesnt work for me gets stuck at database writes, not a big deal no known fix though

Sensors: FIXED update to v4 to fix!

Headphone jack: Headphone jack currently doesn't work. No known fix.

Haptic feedback: haptic feedback in general doesn't work. No known fix

Camera: Currently not working. No known fix.

Cyanogen Settings has some things that make the phone freeze, DO NOT ENABLE JIT its not working yet.

Recovery: Currently broken for me and some other people. Not sure if its working for others (kaos's works and has been apparently.) JT said it shouldn't be a hard fix for him in the future (likely next release?) Use odin to get back to stock and restore your backup from before you had CM installed if you made one if you want. (report any problems in thread please) UPDATE: Greyone and Kaos informed me that recovery works if you go to recovery mode and select advanced > reboot recovery (thanks!)

Wireless tethering: obviously doesnt work due to the wifi not working at all.

USB tethering: Not working for me (try it and post if it works for you, its in settings, wireless and networks) more than likely a 3rd party app like easy tether would fix this as long as your 3g is working

MMS: MMS also does not currently work. A workaround is to simply get the message sent to your email for receiving but it seems that the sending of gmail messages isnt working atm i just did a test message to my number and it is sitting in my outbox. Been there for a good bit so its more than likely not sending it. A 3rd party application could fix this possibly? Update: Message finally went through it took a solid 15-20min though so I wouldn't rely on it myself. Again, 3rd party app would prob be your best bet around this. IT DOES NOTIFY YOU IF YOU RECEIVE AN MMS JUST WONT DOWNLOAD IT!

ADW launcher app drawer: not really a bug just many users have looked for this and cant find it, its pretty simple to fix just longpress on the homescreen and tap custom shortcuts then the adw launcher things then app drawer. Hope this clears some things up.

Thats all that I can find for now that isn't working but its likely I missed something, I more than stress to keep in mind Kaosinate is still a VERY alpha build. Its about a 50-50 split between things working and things not working for now but it is coming along thanks to Kaos' work on it and I invite everyone to follow him on twitter and join IRC for the MOST up to date information about this ROM.