Kangerade 6.0.11 - Pre Release.


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Jan 25, 2010
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Orange County, CA
This is stock theme.. built from source using FRG01B proprietary files and gapps.. Not fully complete and I'm going to wait for a leak that should come out today to fully release it (will be a new build by then). But enjoy it while it's here.. It's fast and stable.

Testing anyone?

Apply as an update.zip in sprecovery or clockwork recovery. Feedback is appreciated.
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This is so far the fastest rom I've ran. Everything works well so far. Is this the latest from motor/Verizon?-frg01 or whatever it was?
You shouldn't need to wipe unless you have any issues...

Jrummy, just loaded on the way to work....its much quicker so far. I'll keep you posted if I find any bugs.
hmm *tosses it on phone* got nothing better to do for next 2 hours besides fix this stupid windows pc
Been running this for a few hours now with no issues. Seems snappier than 5.0.9 at same cpu speed. Very nice. Thanks jrummy.
Awesome JRUM theme it lol

I ran it as long as I could with the stock notification bar. During that 2 hours or so, it ran well. It felt snappy, benched about the same and the allinone script is cool.

I am willing to test a themed version.:)
I noticed with 5.0.9 pure calender recognized 2.2 with this build it does not.Still works but it was ok in 5.0.9.Nothing else odd though.