K-9 Email LED notification, problem?


Dec 9, 2009
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I have a Droid1, recently rooted and running BBv0.4. I have been using K-9 Email for a long time and am currently running v3.001. Prior to rooting the phone, when the display was off and I recieved mail, my notification LED would blink. Very handy, indeed! It worked through all of the different versions of K-9 I used.

Since rooting and running ROMS on the phone, the K-9 Email app will not flash the notification LED. I have tried it on 2.1 ROMs and 2.2 ROMs. I can't seem to find any settings, either on the phone or the app that enables the LED.

The LED does flash for missed calls, texts, etc., so it's not hardware related. And I don't expect different colour notifications for the different accounts, as I didn't have them before.

Has anyone else had the problem of no LED notification, or a loss of LED notification upon rooting? I really need that LED to flash... :icon_eek:

Thanks in advance!
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