Jumped ship, returning home...


Dec 19, 2009
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WOW!!! Three months with iPhone and I'm exhausted!!!

I purchased the DROID (OD) way back when when it first came out. You know the one with the gold arrows and the flimsy keypad. Well, after that, the DROID X came out and I purchased that. I have been using the DROID X (DX) up until last year November when I jumped ship and went to the iPhone 4S to try it out for awhile. I have never seen a ship sail out of site so fast before. I cannot wait until I get my DROID Razr Maxx (DRM).

I cannot begin to tell you how I miss the ability to set my screen the way I want it. The DROID compared to the iPhone in itself is a no brainer, but I wanted to test the water. I learned real quick that the iPhone is swimming with sharks (big ones too).

I miss (like crazy) the ability to use swype. I hate just typing. When I first got swype on my OD I completely fell in love with it. I didn't think there was anything better than swype. When I got my DX it came with swype and I was completely besdie myself. Granit, everything has its own issues, but swype was my sliced bread. Being that the DRM has everything (plus the kitchen sink, well you could drop the DRM in it full of water) including my long lost love... swype. I cannot wait for us to get back together.

We all take to listening to others rant and rave and gossip about all kinds of issues. I guess I got mixed up in it all and thats when I decided I would test the waters of the iPhone for a bit. "We're gonna need a bigger boat." was a saying from jaws and lessons learned. I am waiting in a raft for my ship to return so that they can once again throw the ladder and allow me to climb aboard once again.

I can't really knock the iPhone, actually, yes I can. I have recieved many emails from many people. Some of those emails would not open correctly on the iPhone due to the emails not being in a correct formatt.

As for the ability to download free apps on the DROID that I had to pay for on the iPhone, I will be extremely happy.

All thats left now is to get all my iTunes songs onto my DRM when I get it. I will then be sailing the high seas once again.

ps. I am not concerned about not being able to remove the battery out of the DRM, I couldn't do it to the iPhone either. So, it's not a big issue as I've heard others voicing.

Glad you're back! The RMX will be awesome!

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Welcome back to the world of Android. We missed you :biggrin:
Welcome back! The RM should be a great phone!
dancedroid So glad to be back dancedroid

I just can't express the things that I have missed on DROID.

There is so much more I can do on DROID that the iPhone cannot offer me.

Thanks for the forgivingness and warm welcome home... I sure missed it here.

I did the iPhone thing for 2 months. That's all I lasted. It was the worse 2 months of my phone life. WB!

I tell ya, the iPhone is great but... no it's not. It's not great. OK, maybe, but it ain't great. Compared to the DROID there is no comparison.

I hope Verizon makes an announcement tomorrow. I really need to know when it will be available. My sanity's counting on it... :blink:

The majority of all the google topics and posts are showing a 1/26/12 release date, but then there was that 2/6/12 date out there too.

Can't do it... I can't wait until 2/6/12.... :mad: I will be completely insane by then. I'll get the ODR and use it just to get out from under the iPhone.