Juice Defender Ultimate settings


Oct 20, 2010
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Hey all,

To all that is running Juice Defender Ultimate do you care to share your setup? I noticed a huge difference in my battery life on stock battery on Bionic. One of my questions is the Triggers tab were you can configure apps. I disabled all the pre installed applications that i dont use such as all V Cast apps and others i will never use. The options i have for the apps I use are enable, enable/screen off, and disable. I am assuming enable/screen off is an app such as a radio app that will play while screen is off. Disable just disables the app peroid. Enable leave the app on. What does do nothing do if I choose do nothing? I assume nothing it leaves app as is if i am correct. Am I right so far on the meaning of the options? Feel free to post setting that are helpful for the newbie with this app.