Jelly Bean for Droid 4 via Cyanogen Mod 10!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Developer "HashCode" has been a busy guy lately. He has built Safestrap with Kexec support on just about every Motorola device. Kexec allows us to bypass the locked down bootloader on these devices so that we can install pretty much anything that we want to the phone including custom kernels. Now that he has perfected Safestrap 2.11 for various Moto devices he has begun compiling Roms for said devices. Hashcode has begun development of CyanogenMod10 Jelly Bean for the Droid 4! For now there are 2 build types "Stock and Kexec". The Stock build will be the most stable. Most phone functions will work and data 3g and 4g does work on this build. However with this being in the alpha stages there are some bugs. Hwcomposer not working, HD codecs not working, camera, audio issues, bluetooth issues. The Kexec version is less stable but more is working. All phone functions and data work, hwcomposer works, hd codecs for youtube netflix work, camera is not working, and there are bluetooth issues. This is a great start!

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