DATA working on Unofficial CM10/JB ROM for Droid BIONIC!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Developer "Hashcode" has made it his mission to keep the Motorola phone lineup updated with the latest and greatest versions of Android even if MOTO can't seem to keep up! Hashcode has updated his CM10 Jelly Bean build for the Droid Bionic to include lots of DATA bug fixes. Now Data works, and is pretty stable! CM10 on Bionic now has HW Composer, Camera, Native CM10 wifi tether and pretty much everything having to do with main phone functions working! There are two builds one is Kexec and one is non kexec. It is recommended that you flash either version in Safestrap 2.11. The only difference between the two builds is the Kexec version includes a custom kernel that should improve speed and performance.


Grab the latest version here
I was getting excited for the Droid Charge until I read the last word of the title.

Great for Bionic users. Not so great for Charge users.