Jawbone Icon and low volume


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Jul 22, 2010
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Does anybody else have this issue.

The problem is, even with the volume at max on the phone, sound on the Icon is barely audible in a quiet environment.

I called Jawbone and did everything they suggested: reset the Icon, un-paired and re-paired, installed update, installed A2DP and maxed out the volume. having done all this the volume was at the most slightly higher but nowhere high enough to be heard in the car let alone a noisy environment.

Is this a firmware issue or do I have a bad headset?
Its the phone itself, on my droid I use to plug in headphones to isolate the noise around me and it would be SO loud i could only have it up 3/4 with the X im holding Volume UP so hard im trying to break through the maximum barrier because i cant hear a damn thing.

Hopefully with enough complaints to Motorola/Verizon they will send out a FW update to patch the volume and increase the power sent to the speakers without damaging it.

Off topic, how are the jawbones? I was thinking of getting one but im not much of a BT Headpiece person but im so attracted to advance devices lol and they are pretty pricey so i was gonna use a anniversary, christmas, or bday to get someone to buy one lol.
My Icon pairs with my X and sounds great. I usually have to lower the volume unless I'm in a really loud place.

phatkat66: The Jawbone Icon is the #1 best headset ever in the world. Ever. (IMHO.) Can't recommend it enough. It's comfortable, and unless you're new2droidx it works and sounds great! :)
My volume is fine on the jawbone Icon. I use a2dp. and have plenty of volume control. I usually have the bluetooth from the phone turned down a bit or its too loud.

try pairing it with another phone, and try pairing it with another X. See where the issue is.

And the jawbone icon is the best bluetooth you can buy. sound quality and noise cancelling are unbeatable.

on the other hand the speaker on the X has sub par volume.
Problem solved. Bad headset. Thanks for the input.
I wonder if I have a bad X then. The volume isn't insanely low, but its not high to my liking. My Droid1 is so much louder and from studies and charts the volume on the X is supposedly LOUDER by a few dbs

I bought mine from BB do i still call VZ or return to bb?