iTunes music & playlist...


Jan 21, 2013
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I've searched everywhere on how to get iTunes music and playlists onto my Galaxy S5's sd card.
I've tried doing a phone sync where you are supposed to download on both pc and device and that did not work.
Dragging and dropping will not work either.
Why would anybody want to use up internal storage for music...

I have tried that earlier and it transfered the music over, but the music will not play on my device.

Edit. this is about the doubletwist app.

Im trying airdroid right now. Will post If it works or not.
I use doubleTwist on my S5 to sync an iTunes library and all seems to work fine. None of my music has DRM. If yours does, that may be why it doesn't work. I use my SD card as the default location for doubleTwist storage (select in the doubleTwist settings) and I've deleted the .nomedia file from the SD card storage location so that the other media apps can see the files. If the files are transferred over, you should be able to use the doubleTwist player without any problem but if you want to use another app to play the files, you will need to delete the .nomedia file, reboot and wait for the media database to update. This can take a while if you have a large library.