Is there a "Safe Mode" like pressing F8 for Windows?


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Mar 7, 2011
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Cyanogenmod 6 stable running here. I've been having lots of apps crashing more and more these past couple days, but have been able to reboot fine. Just rebooted a little while ago and got stuck in boot loop.

I went into recovery and tried everything I could think/read of -- wiped Dalvik, wiped Cache, fixed permissions, rebooted without SD card in, reinstalled the same kernel I have (invisiblek) from the SD card hoping that it would fix/restore broken files. Still looping.

So.... Is there ANY way that I can get back into my phone to backup my text messages? I'm desperate to get my text history, I have some important life events recorded through it :(

Any ideas? Could I try to reinstall the CM6 rom through clockwork recovery? Would that be like a windows recovery of restoring files and fixing things like Windows, or would that wipe my data and messages?

If there isn't a way to get back into a semi-working boot so I can backup my texts, anyone know how I could do it through USB or adb? Surely there must be some way I can access the phone and/or SD's storage to grab the message data off the phone?

just my luck....