is task killer BAD or just not needed.

1) crazy hot overclocking
2) dropping it
3) dropping something on it
4) Dr. Pepper
5) sharks
6) lasers
7) sharks with frickin' lasers beams
I would have been more than happy to experiment and share my results but it looks like 2.1 has eaten my phone. After several calls to HTC it looks like I need to set my phone back to factory defaults. ---> this is me quickly going from Droid spokesperson to wishing I had an iphone... Oh, who are we kidding, issues aside the Droid software is still superior in every way. ; ) My phone is completely non-functional though after the update. No apps will run and the lock screen sometimes won't even open. I'm gonna be brave and bump back to factory and see if that fixes the problem. Will let people know.