ir blaster for droid x


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Oct 12, 2012
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Is it possible to get an IR blaster device for the DROID X?
I would like to use my X as a tv remote, but I don't want to buy something unless I know it will work. The main idea was to find the emitter, plug it into the phone, get an app, and take my stock equipment remotes and let the phone "learn" the remote functions. Thus, I could just plug this device into my phone, turn on the app, and turn the tv, av receiver, any anything else with an IR receiver in it. Sattelite boxes, cable boxes, vcrs dvd players, the list goes on. The one thing annoying about "universal" remotes is that you will always end up with an appliance that has an important button the new remote doesn't have. Droid does dancedroid (literally), so I was hoping someone has pulled this off. Thanks in advance for replies.