iPhone 4gs update shows 4g next to signal bar

Oh boy can't wait to hear the "HSPA+ is the same as LTE" argument from iPhone users now
My friend with an iPhone told me too and he said its att that's doing this.

I don't think Verizon's iPhone does this.

False advertisement. Shouldn't they get sued
Tmobile was the first to call HSPA+ 4G, so you can somewhat blame them since it's the same thing...
Yeah, I also read a similar article another place. That sneak ATT. Trying to get over on the no so knowledgeable customer. I remember when I was on ATT less than a year ago. I bought the Samsung Infuse (nice phone IMO) they tried to tell me it was 4G. I looked them dead in their eyes and said, "You are not fooling me, this isn't true 4G. This is that HSPA crap." He looks at me and was like, "Well yeah, it's HSPA, but LTE isn't that much faster." Lol. Man, a week later I got on Verizon and I really cannot go back to any other speed if it ain't better than 4G LTE. Although HSPA+ has been shown to have better battery life than LTE phones. It's one of those things where you have to weight your priorities. I'm usually within reach of a charger or extended battery or spare battery, so LTE it is. lol.