Inverted/Black Facebook


Jan 15, 2011
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Ok before updating to Liberty 1.5 and also updating the Facebook app from the market, I had a Black/Inverted Facebook. I'm really missing the Black Themed Facebook since I updated. I still have the apk for Black FB but its not the most recent version. I'm looking for Facebook V 1.5.1 in Black and I can't seem to find it. Does the apk I already have just Theme whatever current version of Facebook I have installed?

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No, it will replace the current apk

Do you have a link to the one you have?
I got it from the "Unofficial Add ons" thread in the Liberty forum. I kinda figured it would just replace the current apk and I would then be running an old version of Facebook. No one seems to have made another black themed FB for the latest version. I would really like it bc then all my frequently used apps would be themed Black and also look cool with the Dark Android Theme I'm using.

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