Introducing me and my droid


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Sep 18, 2010
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I recently got an account with droidforums, and it says to say a little about myself and my phone, so here goes... i am currently quite dependent on my original motorola droid. I love it, but as technology continues to move forward, it increasingly seems less and less impressive. Recently, now that i realized my warranty is up, i decided to root my phone. I'm very happy with the decision, and immediately decided bugless beast was made for my phone, despite little research. I guess it had a cool name, and I'd heard a little about it. however, i couldn't find anywhere on the internet a bugless beast rom or anything of the sort, so i instead downloaded a more readily available cyanogenmod 6.1.2. This has worked perfect for my phone, and with a combination of an ultra-low-voltage 1 ghz kernel from chevy no1, my phone has been perfect, and has had better battery life and has not been as hot as the stock cyanogenmod kernel. however... about a week ago, upon booting up my phone, 3g wasn't working. It said i only had 1x. Wifi worked, but no 3g. And since then, no 3g at all. i've tried wiping cache, data, switching roms and kernels. but still no 3g. its puzzled me... i would love to get some suggestions, and to be able to contribute to this forum in the future.