Intermittent Soft Keys Backlighting Problem


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Dec 29, 2009
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I really like my Droid, despite some obvious design flaws. One problem I can't seem to find a solution for is the intermittent backlighting of the soft keys. Sometimes the backlight comes on when I'm using the Droid, sometimes it doesn't. Turning auto brightness on or off has no effect. Can happen in any app. Often, swiching apps can make them come on, but not always. It can be pretty annoying when ambient light is low.

Anyone else have this problem or know a solution? I will try uninstalling all my apps and, if that doesn't work, factory-resetting the Droid, but these are last resorts that I am already aware of.
I had the keys not light up once yesterday. I did a quick press of thee power button and they were back.
I just had the same problem and pushing the power button turned them back on like was mentioned.
I Have The Exact Same Problem

I have the exact same problem on my Droid X. Let me know if you've found a solution. I haven't found one yet. It seems to be tied to some weird timeout functionality.
Droid X Itermitent Backlight: Dude! I think I may have figured this out!

The Droid X seems to have a light sensor at the top of the phone behind one of the little plastic windows by the notification light. If you completely cover the top of the phone with your hand it the light will turn on after about 2 seconds.

So, what I noticed is that some applications are bright enough to cause the light to turn off even in the dark.