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Sep 5, 2010
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Using the app run a speed test, then slide the dial all the way down using your finger/stylus. A neat Easter egg shows up.
Also on a different note I ran a speed test literally side by side with my G2 and Note2 and the Note2 came out a LOT faster EVERY time using my WiFi whereas the G2 wins by a lot when using the T-Mobile data network, again literally side by side. I didn't get screenshots of the data network speeds , just the WiFi ones.
Easter egg method and WiFi results on G2

Note2 on same WiFi network within a few inches of where I took the test with the G2

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Here's just 1 example but there's more than that.

Edit: upon further review my G2 was not connected to the same network. When I got home from fishing it evidently chose to auto connect to the Xfinity hotspot instead of my home network , they're both about the same strength a couple of houses up where the phone usually connects.

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Ah amazing i didn't new about this!
Nice find!

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