Intel Pushes Out x86 Android 4.0 Emulator


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Apr 18, 2012
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Some good news for Android developers today, as Intel has unleashed a new x86 system image of Ice Cream Sandwich for its Android emulator.

Previously, the emulator was notoriously buggy and slow when testing out your Android goodies on the PC. Using this new version, which is based on Android 4.0.3, things should speed along just fine on x86 computers, in fact everything should run as if native.

Show stopping bugs should also occur with less regularity, or that's certainly the idea. A double helping of refinements which should help put a smile on any Android developer's face.

To snag the new version, simply refresh the SDK manager, and look for it under the Android 4.0.3 branch.

Be warned, though, as it's only just out, if you're thinking of downloading the new image today, you'll probably find quite a number of folks with the same idea. So expect some fairly sluggish download speeds, given the likely high demand.

The release of the x86 Android 4.0 Emulator doesn't just benefit developers. Hopefully, we should see some more honed and refined apps coming through in the future, thanks in part to Intel's new baby, which is obviously a good thing for all Android handset owners.

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