Installing Rom on Droid 2 Ginerbread Bootloop HELP!


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Jan 1, 2011
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Hello All,

I have been running custom roms on froyo for a while and I decided to move up to gingerbread. I had no problems flashing rome to gingerbread, first one I used was MIUI. I then decided to switch to i think Apex and did all the necessary steps wiping data, cache, etc. After I flashed the new rom, I got stuck on the M logo and boot looped. I have SBF'd at least 5 times now and I keep going back to 2.2 froyo then updating to gingerbread and trying to install another rom. Each time I try to install another rom, it does the same thing. I have tried over 4 roms now and no luck. any help would be greatly appreciated.
Did you root Gingerbread before trying to install the rom?

yes i would not be able to without root access, the install proccess went fine in clockworkrecovery mod, no errors, just bootloop after I reboot
I've never once done this when flashing roms, but I see a lot of people say to mount system. Did you try that?