Installing apps on SD.. ?


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Mar 16, 2011
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Hello All,

I got q Hero a couple weeks ago, and new to the Droid OS. I am a little shocked to see that apps seemed to be stored in phone memory, vs. on the microSD. I keep running out of space installing apps.

What I was hoping to find was an app that would let me install/run apps on/from the SD. I have heard of "apps2sd" but keep getting a parse error trying to download or install it. Is there something else available? Or.. am I just a newb and don't know what I'm doing yet?
Go to Settings -> Apllications -> Manage Applications and select one of your apps. If it can be moved to the SD card you will see an option which lets you move it. The only thing apps2sd does is stop you from checking the apps one-by-one. If you root you can move any app to the SD card. Note that it is not wise to move launchers or any apps with a widget to the SD card.
Thanks, LifeIsABeach

I rooted my Hero, but now I am still having trouble getting any of my apps moved to the SD.
I have only tried a few apps and the main app management app.

Can you suggest some app or tell me where would be a good place to do more research? Whether we're talking apps, hacks, cracks, or where to begin?
I have never done it, but I have read about it in the Hacks subforum. Ask in there and someone will tell you how to move them to the SD card. Good Luck!