Installed cwm on locked bootloader, how to remove? [GS4][AT&T]


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Jan 4, 2015
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Okay. So I'm a total noob, and I installed ClockworkMod Recovery on my locked bootloader AT&T galaxy S4. <br />I figured out how to get past the "software not installed by AT&T has been found on your phone" error screen and the heart-attack-inducing bootloop, and went back in the phone and installed safestrap which was intended for locked bootloaders. <br /><br />Later I uninstalled it since the phone's camera and SIM card reader are busted and the phone is still under warranty. However, rooting voids the warranty and I imagine CWM will, too. Unrooting is fairly simple and straightforward, however, removing CWM is proving a very difficult endeavor. <br /><br />My intention is to also unroot and then factory reset the phone. But when I try to factory reset it, I always get past the" software not installed by AT&T has been found on your phone" error screen. Since I have a locked bootloader, I can't simply flash recovery with ODIN. I have no idea what to do at this point, I'm fresh out of things to try. <br /><br />Anything, anything at all would help. Thanks!!!! :)<br/>
Ok. I can help you with this! First..You need odin 3.10, and the image for your device. I have them both available to you. Then you will need to select more options the usual to repair it. You can contact me on hangouts for personal help as well. Look in my signature and follow to your device! Also, I am uploading a text file with directions.
Here's the file! ;)


  • ODIN Flashing Procedures.txt
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