Info needed for 2011 phones


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Dec 9, 2010
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Hello all. I'm new here, so please don't beat me up too much for this thread.

I'm currently deployed, serving in Iraq. However, I'm due to come home in Feb. When I come home, I'd like to get a new phone. I was using the Tmobile G1 before coming out here almost a year ago. I know A LOT has changed since then. That's why I'm looking for help.

While being out here, I've read up alot about new phones and things like that. Carrier doesn't really matter to me, as my contract with Tmo will be up just before I come home. The problem is, I just don't know what phone to get. Odds are, if I were to come home today, it'd be the DX, hands down. Just basing that off everything I've read about it, and the little bit I got to play with it when I got to come home for leave for 2 weeks at the Verizon store.

Now, I know about the DX, D2, iPhone 4, and the incredible...but I've been reading on here about the "new 2011" phones. I've tried doing searches for info, pics, and such but no luck. The only info I know is apparently, some of the new phones are going to have dual processors. I got that info off here though with no links or anything like that.

So....I was wondering if you all wouldn't mind helping me out in making a decision. Stick with my original plan and get the DX, or wait for 2011? I was wondering if you guys wouldn't mind pointing out some links that talk about the 2011 phone's, so that I could read up about them. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated, and sorry for sounding like a total noob. Being out of the loop on things due to being out here kinda sucks.