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Aug 25, 2010
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Ive had my DInc rooted since I got it a few months ago, but somewhere along the lines when I switched between SD cards yesterday my entire phone memory dropped to 00.00 and it will not boot past the HTC Incredible white screen. I can access HBOOT and clockwork recovery, but all of my backups are removed along with all other please? I would love to keep this phone going
I think you'll get a better chance of getting help here.
I looked throughout the forum and could not find a situation the same as mine, most people either had a black screen with white bars instead of clockwork or werent able to access clockwork at all. Im not trying to be annoying or ignorant I simply didnt find the answer I thought I needed by searching, thanks.
Are you rooted? Wait, stupid question. Of course you are if you can get to ClockworkMod Recovery. Did you do anything else (like flash a ROM) when this happened or just switched SD cards?
I recently flashed the black bar theme for Ruby 2.02, made a backup, then unmounted my sd card and put in the new one since the other was out of memory. The new one was incompatible, so i put the old one back in, it said there was no memory on my internal or external storage, and refused to boot up since i went into recovery. None of my backups will boot doesnt make any sense
Just a series of numbers I dont name them specifically. Is there any way i can get it back to stock so it will at least boot up? It responds to charge and i can mount the usb to a computer, im just lost on how to recover the phone
Look in my signature- unrooting the Incredible. You can skip the s-on portion. Does your computer recognize that the phone is plugged in? If so, you can run the RUU directly from your computer- just need HTC sync installed. However, it's probably better for you to use the PB31IMG format and flash through Hboot. Your SD card needs to be formatted to FAT32 for this to work.

The PB31IMG file can be found here:
To do this download the file below and rename to PB31IMG.(Sd card must be formatted to Fat32). Then move the file to your SD card. Boot into hboot by powering up while holding the volume down button. Wait about 2-3 minutes and proceed volume+. Wait about another 5-10 minutes and press the volume+ one more time. Phone should show a display again and be back to life.
Im downloading the PB31IMG file now, I'll let you know how it goes, and thank you so much for your help regardless!!
Ok so I did everything as planned, renamed the file, placed it on the root of the sd, and booted into HBOOT, but nothing happened. It never asked if i wanted to accept the file or reboot
I did everything as planned, and nothing...Renamed the file, placed it on the root of the sd, and booted into HBOOT. However when in HBOOT it never asked if i wanted to accept the file or reboot. ?
And so sorry for the repeated post! That's my fault!
Try placing another copy of the file, this time named on the root of the sd card along with PB31img. Boot into HBoot and try again.