Incredible keeps shutting down randomly


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Nov 12, 2010
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In the past two weeks my Incredible has started freezing/shutting down randomly. I usually have to remove the battery to re-boot. Today it is doing it after just a few minutes of use. I've uninstalled the task killer app that was installed several weeks ago, but did not help. I haven't installed any new applications that would coincide with this problem starting. Any ideas? Is it just a defective phone that I should go to Verizon store to exchange?
First question- are you rooted? Second question- have you been using any apps/ games like Angry Birds? They can cause serious overheating. Good call on uninstalling the task killer- it's not needed for any Android phone.

If you can't find a specific app and the phone is just freezing on its own then it sounds like you should call or visit Verizon.
My DINC did the same thing right after I bought it, lived with it for about a week or so and then exchanged it for a new one and never had the problem again.
A friend had to get a replacement phone, it did the same thing so he had to send it back and get another replacement to fix it.