Incredible in bootloop, want to recover internal memory photos for new phone


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Jul 25, 2011
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I'm a noob with a bootloop problem on my Incredible. I already have a new phone, so all I care about is recovering my photos from the internal memory on the currently boot-looping phone. My best guess is that the loop has something to do with the Dolphin browser I downloaded shortly before it went kaput. I kept getting "memory low" warnings and force quits after the download, and then it went into bootloop mode.

I've done the battery thing, and that didn't work at all. In recovery mode I get the error message that there isn't enough space in DataData.

I run a MacBook and have no idea how to flash or run a ROM, ect.

Is there a "simple" fix for this?

If I wipe the cache partition, will this clear the space the OS needs without erasing my internal memory (photos/media?)

I have to return the phone soon, so any quick help would be greatly appreciated.


Apr 25, 2010
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Shucks: missed the date of this post. Oh well.

I had a friend that had same problem on her phone. She was running stock but at one point did have a custom rom via unleashed or something like that. At any rate I followed instructions to get Cyanogenmod on her Inc and was able to get to the internal card and get pics and video.

When you do it you'll be wiping data and cache so if the photos are on phone memory then you will lose. If they are on internal sd card (forget what Inc calls that) then you won't lose them. And I assume by your knowledgeable questions that they're not on external sd card :)
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