Increase the quality of your wallpaper! With Quickpic


Dec 10, 2009
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La Crosse, WI
Found a neat little trick a while back while using the Kyocera echo on sprint, im sure most know this but i have been using it for months, and figured id share.

Its called quickpic by can be found FREE on the android market, this thing is fast, not only does it let you fly through your pictures quickly and not have to use that stock gallery (UGH!!) but you can use it to apply wallpaper to your home screen.

Now normally you wouldn't think this would make any difference BUT you know those backgrounds you love that you apply using the regular gallery and they come out all color banded and nasty looking.

Take that same picture, long press the home screen, choose wallpaper, then quickpic gallery, and choose the photo you want. It clears up MOST of the color banding on pictures with a lot of gradients.