Guide to getting extremely high quality wallpaper on your fascinate!


Dec 12, 2009
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Now is your chance to show off that awesome screen.

After some research I found that the correct resolution wallpaper you need on your phone is 960x800. I was always putting 800x480 wallpaper on and wondering why it looked so ugly, and now I know why.

By putting 960x800 wallpaper on your phone, you will get the highest quality wallpaper possible. This works for any 960x800 image, but I found a great site with a ton of 960x800 HQ images.


1. Go on your computer, and go to this site:

960 x 800 mobile phone Wallpapers in All Categories - Download - Mobicomet

2. Click on any image you want, and then click "download." This will save it to your computer (usually under the "my pictures" folder on your computer).

3. When you are done downloading all the wallpapers you want, go to your computer desktop and create a folder (name it whatever you want).

4. After you create this folder, transfer all of the images you just downloaded into this folder.

5. Connect your phone to your computer, mount it, and open up your SD card. Transfer the folder that you just created to your phone's SD card (I put it in my "download" folder that was already on my sd card).

6. Disconnect phone, go into your gallery, find the images you just transferred over, click on which on your want, click "set as" and then wallpaper, expand the crop box to take up the entire picture (the crop box will take up the ENTIRE photo since you are using the correct resolution), click set.

7. Enjoy your BEAUTIFUL high quality wallpaper!