Incompatible interactive website - Android issue???


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Feb 8, 2011
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HELP!!! I've been searching for weeks for a solution to my problem: there is a specific website I use for work a LOT and I have been unable to pull it up properly on my Droid X. I've tried various browsers: stock, dolphin, opera, miren, xscope, skyfire, fennec - all with the same results. The sucky thing is that it works on the iPhone a friend of mine has. The website is Networkfleet: Leading GPS Fleet Tracking Solution and Fleet Management System (specifically when you log in there is an interactive map that doesn't display right - it's a fleet tracking website). I got some info from the website development team, this is their reply: "Your device must be Java enabled, with an AJAX Interface and support Tiled Mapping." Yes, I have made sure I have Java enabled in all browsers I've tried.

Any ideas? Is my X incompatible with one of those protocols?