Important question!!!!!

Jul 25, 2010
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I bought the easy root app from the market for my droid x (even though I'm already rooted...just wanted to support the dev)
Now my girlfriend needs to root her phone which is the original droid. Now I have no problem paying for the app again but every time I try to download it on her phone it says server error!!! Been trying for days!!!!! Ughhh sooooooo now I pulled the app from my phone but I assume I need to crack the app before it will work in her phone
How do I do that? Is it even possible?
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Think the app was pulled.
Something about it was never suppose to used to root a phone.
Look thru the forum, there is a conversation about it.
Yea but...

I tried to get it on her phone for like 2 or 3 days then I went to my phone on the 3rd day and downloaded it no problem.
Now I just need to figure out how to get the app to work on her phone.
I have the apk pulled out of my phone sitting on my computer now.

Wait i got it......I think.
I'll factory reset her phone.
Put my account in.
Root it.
Install stock froyo rom probably it :)
Set it up with her account and BOOM!
That sound right?