IMAP email issues Droid Charge...


Jan 1, 2010
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South Bend, In
I have a Droid Charge and well since Ive had this phone about a month now, I have not been able to get my school email sent to my phone, which I never had an issue with this on the Droid1. When setting up the email account on the charge I get an "Unable to connect to server" message. Its starting to get extremely annoying. I have tried many different setting as I thought I was just inputting the incorrect information but this is not the case as I have entered the exact same info on another phone.
Steps I take:
Enter my email address:
Enter my password: ***********
click IMAP account
takes me to Incoming/Outgoing server settings

User name: name
Password: **********
IMAP server:
Port: 993
Security Type: SSL

SMTP server:
port: 465
Security type: SSL

require sign in, ive tried both checked and unchecked
use verizon email gateway, tried both checked and unchecked as well

Ive followed these instructions to a T with no luck, anyone have any insight?
Setup Student Email - Android - Ivy Tech Community College