IGN launches Android section, slew of game reviews follow


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Nov 6, 2009
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Prior to the release of the Motorola Droid, Android was stuck in the gaming stone age; we would be lucky to find much more than the simplest "drag-n-drop" 2d puzzles and tower defense games. Since November, however, we have watched as the Android gaming scene exploded into hundreds and hundreds of high-quality 3D games of all different genres, with new ones popping up faster than we can count. And we finally have EA, com2us, Gameloft, and Glu (among other major game developers) developing cutting-edge 3D games that push the latest Android phones to the max.

Surprisingly absent from the fray, however, were the large mainstream game review sites. Sites such as Gamespot and IGN seemed to have pushed head-on into iOS gaming since the iPhone's not-so-humble beginnings, but for whatever reason, had not yet jumped on the Android bandwagon. Well, that was until today. I'm pleased to announce that IGN finally launched its Android section!

The initial launch of the IGN Android section includes:

Although IGN is yet to provide the most comprehensive Android gaming overview, it is certainly a great start. Hopefully other review outlets, like Gamespot, will take a hint, and launch an Android section of their own. Hey, no matter how commercialized or out-of-touch a review site may be (not mentioning any names), the increased publicity of Android and its gaming capabilities certainly won't hurt. I hope, one day, we will be able to squash the notion that Droid doesn't game, when indeed it does!

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source: IGN
Asphalt 5

I'm totally liking Asphalt. I've been playing it for about a week and it's fun like games should be, has great graphics for Android, and doesn't get boring. dancedroid

My first experience with 3D gaming on my Droid was with Armageddon Squadron, I love flight-sim style games and with the accelerometer it makes it that much more intimate!