ICS and 4G issue


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Aug 31, 2010
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I live in an area with no 4G coverage, rural country where Verizon has not chosen to put in 4G cellsites yet. 4G is located in the big city a few miles away from me. Prior to ICS "upgrade" I would never see a 4G logo. After the ICS install I now get 1-2 bars of 4G periodically and then it will switch back and forth between 4-5 bars of 3G and then 4G again for a few minutes. It is very location specific in my home and very predictable. BUT...now my battery life went from 8-10 hours prior to ICS to 4-6 hours after ICS. Did ICS retune the LTE radio in the phone so it now "sees" a low power/signal strength on 4G? Any RF experts out there? Huh?