I Hate Verizon, I Hate this phone, I want my droid X back!!!!


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May 12, 2010
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And that might just be my answer. When I first got this phone I loved it. If there wasn't so much wrong with it, I would still love it. Now that I can't put apps on the 64gb sd card I payed for and haven't gotten any data to go there either I'm stuck trying to get everything off it.

The GPS on my S3 has never worked, Jellybean came along and destroyed the battery life (even though I clicked defer so I could see what everyone else said about the update it updated on its own anyway), and now the headphone jack doesn't work (I tried every trick I could find to get it too work, no joy).

So Wednesday I went to what usually is a helpful Verizon store and got the most unhelpful rep ever. I wanted a fix. He listened to what I had to say and said fine, I'll have another one to you tomorrow (sneaky, didn't tell me all I was going to get was a phone body with no battery and no cover). But he didn't want to address fixes to my original phone, just wanted to get me back out the door ASAP. I tried to ask questions about how to transfer 700 songs and all my apps and other data and he said get your apps through your gmail account and everything else is lost. If you have pictures on the phone I can help you. Thanks bud, but that's something I already figured out how to do.

Sorry for the rant but I'm pissed off that I pay the $6.99 a month and I get a used phone carcass and nasty FU when I need to use it. I have 4 days left to get everything switched over to the carcass. Stupidly I assumed that I was getting a whole phone and I could just do a quick transfer from one to the other. BTW, I still have stuff on my DX that I want to put on the S3 but haven't figured that out either. Just not much time between work and family.

So, I need to know how to do that easily. I know that I can use backup assistant for my contacts. How do I transfer my songs, apps, games, and game data fast and easily.




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Aug 16, 2012
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For your songs and stuff can't you just plug the old phone into the computer, copy them there then plug the new phone in and transfer them back? As for app data you'll most likely need to be rooted and use a backup app like Titanium.

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