I hate "backorders"!


Aug 14, 2010
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Been a Storm user since its release, I actually like the Storm a lot but Android has piqued my curiosity (iPhone never was in the cards for me).

When the original Droid came out I tried it in the local store and wasn't too impressed. Very nice features but the slider keyboard just isn't for me and I found the touch KB on the Droid too difficult to type on (as I said I do like my Storm a lot).

Then the HTC Incredible was released and I was chomping to try it, by the time I got some snafu with my upgrade eligibility ironed out with VZ the Droid X was released and I figured what the heck so the DX is, at some point by the end of Aug gonna' show up.

I played with one in the store and it is a big improvement, it will take some adjustment from the Storm but I think I'll be OK :)

Look forward to some questions!