I cannot sideload an APK in Android 10 but I have done it in other versions easily?


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Dec 27, 2019
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I am an application developer, but not an official Android developer.

I cannot get the APK to install on Android 10

What I'm trying to do:
I'm creating an app just for local company use and not to be sold on Google or any app store. I was able to sideload this app on previous Android platforms before but I cannot on Android 10. I have spent 1/2 the day searching and trying everything I can find until the recommendations repeat.

What I've done:
There is plenty of space to install this app on the phone. The app is 20MB and there's GBs of space both internally and externally. I'm using the Intellij Idea (IDE) with the Android plugin and I'm generating a signed bundle successfully. I downloaded to both the Google Cloud and My Files providing permissions for unknown apps. It installs up to about 80% and then says "App not installed."

As I said, I have done this plenty of times before but on Android 10 it is not letting me. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome!