I am stupid, need help.


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May 26, 2012
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I deleted my g mail account from YT not knowing that would wipe out my YT account as well. I tried to recover account to no avail. That account was also the g mail account on my

After all this happened, my old g mail account on my phone had sync problems that could not be fixed (obviously since that account was deleted) so I created a new g mail account and added it to my phone.

Here is the problem, I cannot delete the old g mail address w/o deleting contacts and taking it back to factory settings. I am not very literate on all things pc/android/g mail or tech
in general so I have no idea how to back up contacts.

Important note: I found a screen on my phone earlier (that I cannot find now) that showed my new g mail account on my phone has no contacts tied to it but the old one does.

Any help?