I actually like the keyboard!!! Camera work ok!!!


Oct 30, 2009
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NE Texas
Well I was the first person as expected. Manager saw me and went to get the droid. I had not even stopped by before, but she knows I like new gadgets. While getting things done, 3 others came in for the Droid. They had plenty in stock. Also picked up the cradle with my company discount.

Yes, I actually like the slide out keyboard. Maybe it is my hand size or something else, but I was knocking out paragraphs on the reps Droid while waiting.

Camera has no issues, although it was tough to focus at times which is the software issue.

Off to enjoy!!!!
I took a picture of my Sales Rep, Just if it doesn't work well later on, I know who to track down :p It took the picture as it should. And it clicked once after it took the picture. Just like my SONY Camera does. Flash worked good too.
I am now noticing some clicking noises, but personally I think that is the way the camera is. I am in a quieter spot and when it is trying to focus in low light I here a few clicks. Really dont believe this is an issue.
Just got mine and there were only about 15 of us in the store a couple hours ago...

My camera seems to click a lot and I don't get the green 4 corners on it, but it takes fine pictures, not blurry or anything, so I'm not too worried about it.