HyperDrive RLS7 For The Galaxy Note Edge!


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Oct 6, 2011
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The Galaxy Note Edge had its 15 minutes of fame as the first device to show off Samsung's ambitious Edge display. With only one Edge it was actually able to keep the stylus and the consumers reaped the benefits. Some brushed off the Note Edge as a gimmicky device with no real extra uses, but for many who purchased the device it is still a crucial tool in their arsenal. If you are still rocking this device you can now customize it to fit your needs perfectly with the RLS7 build of Hyperdrive.

Hyperdive is Touchwiz the way it should be. It is based on 5.1.1 TW OK2 firmware. It has been optimized for speed and performance and includes a totally customizable user interface. Other features include Wii-Fi calling, Debloated, Rooted, Knox free, carrierIQ free, Hyperdrive Tweaks 4.0, Hyperdrive HUB and more! Grab the download from the link below.

via XDA